Royale Emulsions are perfect if you're looking for something extraordinary. This range of luxury finishes gives your walls a classy makeover while being high on performance.

royale aspira

Royale Aspira is the international gold standard in paints. It is one of the most technologically advanced paints in the world and is certified by various global benchmarking institutions. Royale Aspira imparts your walls with a soft sheen and brings out the richest of colours.


royale atmos

Royale Atmos is an Eco friendly Air Purifying Paint that reduces the pollution levels in your home by neutralizing formaldehyde (a harmful pollutant). It is an air purifying paint that neutralizes formaldehyde, a harmful indoor air pollutant, and makes the indoor air healthier to breathe. Royale Atmos also emits a soothing fragrance after painting thus acting as a scented paint.


royale luxury emulsion

When your home looks great, you feel great. Give your walls a silky glowing appearance with Royale Luxury Sheen Emulsion, an exquisite emulsion paint that provides a luxurious finish.


royale shyne

Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion is the perfect pick if you’re looking for stylish finish for your walls. The paint radiates a higher sheen and gives a smooth and luxurious finish.


royale matt

Royale Matt is the best matt finish available in the market. When applied on walls, it provides a smooth matt finish with an elegant appeal.


royale lustre

Royale Lustre is an extremely durable and highly washable luxury paint, formulated to be virtually odourless. Its non yellowing property ensures walls remain beautiful for years, weather it's a smooth finish or Dana pattern.


royale luxury enamel

Asian Paints Royale Luxury Enamel is a revolutionary water-based enamel that provides a smooth, luxurious finish to your wood, metal, and wall surfaces. Being water based, it is safer than regular solvent based enamels. It is also virtually odourless and offers high washability and durability.